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How do I change or cancel a reservation?

Please submit a help ticket and our Support Team will contact you within 24 hours to provide assistance with your request. Each cruise line has different cancellation policies and penalty fees depending on the type of cruise rate you booked (non-refundable / refundable) and the amount of time remaining until the cruise departure date. When booking a cruise, it is your responsibility to check with the respective cruise line to ensure you fully understand their cancellation policies. Since CruiseWire does not offer travel insurance directly, we recommend booking with a credit card that automatically includes travel insurance (as a card member benefit) or purchasing third party travel insurance to avoid being charged penalties if you need to cancel your reservation unexpectedly.

Do you offer lower prices over the phone?

No. The lowest prices we offer are always listed online as apart of our commitment to pricing transparency, plus you automatically get FREE PREPAID GRATUITIES (for the first passenger) on all cruise lines and all staterooms when you book online with CruiseWire. Select a specific stateroom using our online checkout tool to see the lowest available total price for your cruise. Are you looking for the best cruise line promotions currently offered? Beverage packages, free prepaid gratuities, onboard credit sales and more? All available bonus offers will be displayed on the final Payment checkout page (directly above the Passenger Information section) after you select a specific stateroom.

How do I book multiple rooms on the same ship?

It is impossible to book multiple rooms on the same reservation at the same time. If you need to book more than one stateroom on the same ship, you would need to book each stateroom as separate reservations. For example, if you need 3 staterooms on the same ship, you would need to complete the online booking process 3 separate times to successfully create the 3 separate reservations. If you need to book 8 or more staterooms on the same ship, you may qualify for special discounted group rates (that can’t be published online) and we recommend contacting our group reservation specialists for more information. Please note, all prices listed on the site are displayed as per person and based on double occupancy, unless otherwise noted (some studio cabins do not require double occupancy to book).

What’s included with my cruise fare?

Cruises offer an unparalleled travel experience that make it possible for you to visit many different destinations without the hassle of coordinating the travel between each location. Unlike flying on an airplane, traveling from country to country on a cruise ship is actually fun, entertaining and convenient. Your cruise fare includes stateroom accommodations, gourmet dining, entertainment and access to other amenities such as pools, gyms, nightclubs, piano bars, sports deck activities and more. Each cruise line is different, but internet access, shore excursions, alcoholic beverages, gratuities, casino gambling, spa treatments and access to some specialty restaurants are usually not included with your cruise fare. Included benefits are also dependent on special promotions that were offered at the time of your cruise booking. For example, some cruise lines offer free internet packages, free alcoholic beverage packages, etc. as special promotions, but these offers will be clearly presented to you during the booking process on the order summary page.

What is the “guarantee” accommodation?

On the stateroom category selection page, you might see the word “GUAR” instead of the actual room number, depending on the current availability of that stateroom category. Stateroom guarantee cabins are great for people that want to get more for their money and are less concerned about the exact location of their accommodation. When you select a stateroom guarantee fare, you are guaranteed to receive a stateroom in the category you have booked at minimum, but you have zero control over the exact location or view of the stateroom. For example, if you book a balcony guarantee stateroom, your stateroom will definitely have a balcony, but you won’t know the exact stateroom number until after you book the cruise. In some instances, cruise lines will actually give you an upgraded room at no additional cost if you’re flexible on not knowing the location of your stateroom until after you book the cruise. If you need to book 2 or more staterooms that are directly next to each other or if you prefer to have a stateroom on a specific deck, this would not be a good option because the cruise line makes the final decision on your exact stateroom number, at their sole discretion.

What is the Back to Back Cruise Search?

With our industry first Back to Back Cruise Search, you can cruise longer and find the perfect combination of back to back cruises using our proprietary search algorithm that determines the best back to back cruise options within your date range. We built this tool from the ground up to make it easier for you to get from Point A to Point B by cruise ship instead of being forced to pick from uncomfortable airline flights. For example, if you wanted to travel from Miami to Paris, our Back to Back Cruise Search can show you the perfect combination of Transatlantic / Europe cruises to get you there exclusively via cruise ships. Whether you want to travel from London to New York or Tokyo to Miami, our Back to Back Cruise Search will find the perfect combination of cruises to get you there. Please note, when booking a Back to Back Cruise package, you must book each cruise separately as separate reservations, even if all of the cruises in the package are on the same cruise line. For example, if you are booking a Back to Back Cruise package that includes 4 cruises, you would need to complete the online booking process 4 separate times to create the 4 separate reservations. Our Back to Back Cruise checkout system will guide you through each step of the online booking process for all of the cruises in your Back to Back Cruise package.